Conney in a Box

Conney was not okay with being put in a box.

Passed Out

Passed Out Conney

Every night before actually going to bed Conney ends up passed out on the couch.

Strut Your Mutt

Conney was up bright and early this morning for the SPCA of Texas Strut Your Mutt walk to raise money for other less fortunate dogs.

Conney Before Strut Your Mutt

Conney didn't seem so sure about walking a whole 3 Km.

Conney at Strut Your Mutt

Conney at Strut Your Mutt

Conney showing off her new red bandanna.

Conney at Strut Your Mutt

Conney looking worried.

Corgi Crew

The Corgi Crew acting like they own Fair Park.

LOL Conney

Conney doesn't like being woken up from her naps.

Brand New Look! Same Great Corgi!

I finally got around to updating Conney's site! Most of the changes can't really be seen on the public facing side of things. But a few of them can. Hopefully the new layout is a little bit nicer on smaller screens.

The pictures section is now much closer to how I want it and it actually properly responds to the browser resizing. It's using the ever so snazzy Isotope. It took me a while to figure out how to make it play nicely with Twitter Bootstrap. Try the shuffle button!

If you're interested in how Conney's site is made you can check out the source on GitHub.

Enough of the boring stuff, here's some pictures of Conney's first snow:

Conney's First Snow!

Conney's First Snow!

Sleepy Conney

Sometimes Conney likes to take naps on the couch. She also likes to wedge herself into an "L" shape in the corner.

L-Shaped Conney Sleping on the Couch

Part 1 of the Corgi Meetup

Corgi Meetup - March 17 Part 1

Corgi Meetup - March 17 Part 1

The first group of photos from the March 17 corgi meet up at Toyota of Lewisville Dog Park. Sean took a lot of pictures with the fisheye lens zoomed in (why a lot of these look weirdly blurry around the edges). Not sure why that happened!

Also, in these photos is Pippa, a brand new 8 week old puppy. I imagine she's kind of what Conney would have looked like as a puppy.

Big Nose!

Conney Fisheye

About to head to the Lewisville dog park for another corgi meetup!

Conney Loves Yarn

You'd think that as much as Conney dislikes cats she wouldn't much act like one. Well a couple of weeks ago she got into Casie's knitting yarn and had a ball.

Conney playing with yarn

Conney playing with yarn

Conney playing with yarn